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by choosing our training package:

You won’t have to wait several weeks or even months to attend a 1- or 2-days training course

You won’t have to travel to another city to attend the course

You can study at home or on the train to work

We’ll send you the package immediately

You get a DVD to show you how the job is done in a real property

And a 2nd DVD “How to build an Inventory Clerk website”

You get a lot for the price of £395 and there are no ongoing fees

You can be up and running in a week


Our Inventory Clerk Training package contains:

The Book “Inventory Clerk Training and Business guide”

The DVD “The Property Inspection”

The 2nd DVD “How to make an Inventory Clerk website”

Ready to use sample reports of different types of properties (Inventory, Check-in, Mid-term and Check-Out reports)

“The Property Inspection” DVD filmed in a real property will take you on a visual tour to show you an Inventory Clerk at work. From entering the property and inspecting the rooms to taking meter readings and photographs, this fun-to-watch DVD will help you remember the study material.


You will see inspection of 1-bedroom flat and detailed descriptions of:



•Boiler room




look inside

The DVD “How to make an Inventory Clerk website” will show you how to build a website for your new business in less than an hour. You don’t need expensive software, technical knowledge or any web design experience. All you need to know is how to copy, paste, write text and insert images.


To speed up the creation of your website we have also included a ready-to-use text document of the website contents which you can use if you wish after amending it slightly to suit your specific business needs.

(opens as PDF file)


Our 180+ pages Inventory Clerk Training and Business Guide is divided in 2 parts:


PART 1 – The Training Guide will teach you how to prepare Inventory, Check-In and Check-Out reports to a professional standard in accordance with the legal and safety requirements. Based on the experience of other Inventory Clerks the Training Guide will give you inside knowledge, practical advice and useful techniques for conducting inspections. You will learn how to list and describe all types of rooms and furniture – from bathrooms and kitchens to fireplaces and plates.


PART 2 – The Business Guide includes essential information how to set up and run your own Inventory Clerk Business. From choosing a name, registration and paying taxes to pricing tactics, invoicing and finding clients – everything is explained in a simple manner. We have also added  templates of the documents you’ll need for your business (Terms of business, invoice etc.)


why choose US?



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