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10.15am – At the Letting Agent’s office to pick up the keys for a 2-bed flat.


10.30am – Arrive at the flat. The assignment is to carry out an inspection of the flat and to prepare an Inventory. Speaking into a voice recorder you describe in details all doors, walls, furniture etc. It takes less than an hour.


11.30pm – Drop off the keys back at the Agent’s office.


12.00pm – Meet the Tenants vacating a 1-bed flat to prepare a Check-Out report. Compare the condition and the contents of the flat against the Inventory done at the start of the tenancy. Collect the keys from the tenants.


1.00pm – Return the keys to the Agent. Inform the Agent of any urgent problems. (cleaning needed; leaks etc.). Done for the day.


the Boss


Nothing compares to the joy of being your own boss … well maybe with the exception of being able to work at home in your pyjamas.


You are free to refuse business from a client who gives you grief.  


You can build a business with a substantial client base and sell it for a lot of money.

Flexible as Inventory Clerk


You get to decide when to work – early in the morning, after lunch or late in the evening after you’ve put the children to bed.


You decide how many hours to work – you can do only a couple of inspections a week or a few per day.  


You are free to decide how much you get paid as it’s you who sets the fees.


You can increase your income in no time simply by finding another new client or doing some extra jobs for other Inventory Clerks.

Do only the jobs you like


When you have your own Inventory business you can do only the jobs you like!


For example you might like to do the inspections and to type your reports. Or you can send your dictations to a transcription company and they'll type them for you.


You might decide to concentrate only on finding new clients and building a steady client base while using other Inventory Clerks on a freelance basis to do the inspections and to produce the reports.


If you do the inspections, you go to new places every day and you visit different residential properties.


If you get other freelance Clerks to do the inspections you can work only from home.

The perks


You work from home so you can spend more time with your family


You can take time off to relax whenever you need.


No early appointments? Why not have a lie-in?



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